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What Customers Say

"Melissa's training provides both valuable information and thought-provoking personal examples that contextualize the information in relatable ways. As a psychologist who's been licensed for over a decade, I left with new ideas and perspectives that will positively impact my roles as both a clinician and a leader."
- Meridee Rilen, PsyD, LP

My name is Melissa! I am a disabled counselor who provides CE (continuing education) trainings about anti-ableist practices. 



As mental health professionals, one of our most important ethical mandates is to do no harm. Unfortunately, I believe that the disability community is being harmed by mental health professionals who are perpetuating ableism in their everyday practices.​

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What is Ableism?

Ableism is any type of discrimination or bias against disability. While many of my lived experiences as a disabled counselor have been wonderful, I have also noticed that ableism is rampant in the mental health field. This discrimination is usually unintentional, but having good intentions does not undo the harm that is happening to the disability community.

What Can We Do About It?

Long term strategies like addressing stigma, increasing acceptance, and enacting policy change are essential. In the short term, learning what ableism looks like and how to start being an ally to the disability community is a great way to begin your journey as an anti-ableist mental health professional! 

How This Training Can Help

There is a shortage of CE trainings for mental health professionals on the subject of anti-ableism, and not all of these trainings available are from the perspective of a trainer who is disabled. My CE training gives you the opportunity to learn from a licensed mental health professional who has lived experience with disability and chronic illness and is NeuroDivergent (specifically autistic, dyslexic, and ADHD).

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